Redefine rug production with cutting-edge robotic tufting technology from HITEX

When you choose HITEX robots, you’re tapping into over 40 years of tufting expertise. Our team in Sweden meticulously engineers, monitors, assembles, and tests each robot to ensure flawless results, tailored specifically for you.

Our HITEX robots are exported worldwide, serving clients across the globe, including Argentina, Germany, Korea, UAE, and the USA. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation, we deliver top-tier tufting automation solutions globally.

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As industry pioneers, we’re committed to shaping the future of tufting technology through continuous evolution and refinement of our robots.

HITEX - Streamlined Tufting Process

Streamlined Tufting Process

Automated robot tufting offers you a new world of possibilities in efficiency, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. With our HITEX tufting robot, you can effortlessly produce single order rugs or manage ongoing production. You will experience increased efficiency, enjoy reduced labor costs, and enhance consistency in product quality.

Experience Precision with the HITEX HPR6 Robot

The HITEX HPR6 tufting robot sets the standard, offering you exceptional speed and versatility for both cut and loop production. Its robust construction and premium components guarantee reliability and minimal maintenance expenses. Plus, with our detection systems, which are developed in-house, interruptions are minimized – ensuring seamless operations every time.

Experience Precision with the HITEX HPR6 Robot
Take Control with HITEX TuftCAD 7
Take Control with HITEX TuftCAD 7

Take Control with HITEX TuftCAD 7

HITEX TuftCAD 7 offers seamless integration with CorelDraw Graphics Suite, providing a user-friendly plugin for efficient design creation. Version 7 introduces enhancements tailored for HPR6, including improved layer management, and streamlined 3D and Cut/Loop file creation. With HITEX Previewer, you can visualize tufting sequences and estimate runtimes conveniently.

HITEX Operator 7 makes operation easier than ever with touch screen compatibility, simplified layer handling, and intuitive color-coded organization for efficient tufting order arrangement and layer connection.

  • Improved layer management

  • Streamlined 3D and Cut/Loop file creation

  • Preview tufting sequences

  • View estimated runtimes

  • Touch screen compatibility

Examples of rugs produced by our robots

Hitex Tufted carpet examples

Cut/Loop Mohair: Tufted using automatic cut/loop in 100% mohair

Hitex Tufted carpet examples

Wool and silk: Cut pile in wool and loop pile in 100% filament silk

Hitex Tufted carpet examples

Cut/Loop Wool: Tufted using automatic cut/loop in 100% wool

Hitex Tufted carpet examples

Pattern: Distinct pattern in 100% wool.

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