Order policy

Our Order Policy outlines the terms and conditions for purchasing and delivering items from HITEX AB. We strive to ensure a smooth and efficient ordering process, providing clear guidelines on shipping, returns, cancellations, and customer responsibilities. Please review the following information to understand our procedures and policies to better serve your needs.

Terms of Purchase

All orders with items that are in stock are usually dispatched the same day (weekdays) if orders are received by 12.00. We always try to get your package out as quickly as possible. 14-day return policy (the right to return goods 14 days after receipt of delivery).

Normal Shipping Conditions Sweden

When your package has been sent, you will automatically receive an email that the order has been sent. If you have not received your package within 9 working days, please contact us and we will help. Send your e-mail to hitex@hitex.se.

Withdrawal Clause

All goods delivered via hitex.se own the right to repossess the product until full payment has been received for the goods.

Contact Info

Please go to our Contact-page.

About Us

Hitex AB
Nissavägen 5
376 36 Svängsta
Organization number: SE5566583117


Hitex’s purchase conditions are applicable if Swedish or other applicable law does not prescribe conditions that conflict with them. The Consumer Purchase Act and the Distance Contracts Act apply to private consumers, and the Purchase Act applies to companies. The Purchase Act, unlike the Consumer Purchase Act, is dispositive, which means that companies can contract other than what the law prescribes.


If the customer is under 18 years of age, the customer’s guardian’s permission must be obtained before the purchase is completed. Orders made in the name of another person without their consent, or in any other way that causes us to suffer financial or other damage, will be reported to the police. For unclaimed packages, the customer is invoiced for Hitex’s actual expenses for shipping.

If you choose to return your delivery yourself, it must be done as a traceable company package to:

Hitex AB
Nissavägen 5
SE-376 36 Svängsta, Sweden.


All prices stated on our webpages include Swedish VAT (25%).

Payment Options

We reserve the right for any incorrect stock information, which may result in delivery taking place earlier as well as later than expected. We reserve the right to change the content of an order to an equivalent/better item without affecting the price confirmed by the customer, or to delete non-deliverable items from the order, and then of course with a price deduction for the same. Of course by agreement first with you as a customer!

If you as a customer subsequently wish to order another or the mentioned item, this is to be considered as a new order. If the buyer considers that delivery is delayed in such a way that he no longer wishes delivery of the order, it is the buyer’s responsibility to cancel said order in accordance with these Terms and Conditions before the order is executed. Partial delivery of orders only takes place at the customer’s request and entails additional shipping costs for the customer.

Buyer’s Responsibility

It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that the address given to us at the time of the order is correct, and that the buyer, after we have executed the order, follows up the delivery with the forwarder, and ensures that the delivery is picked up/received at the pick-up location within a reasonable time from dispatch, usually nine (9) days from dispatch.

Change of Order

The customer of course has the right up to the point when the order has been executed to, at no cost to him other than the price difference of the item, change his order, however with reservation for items ordered by the customer which are not kept in stock. In the event of a change to an item on order, the price that is current at the time of the change applies. Note that orders that have already been delivered from our system cannot be changed for obvious reasons.


Cancellation of orders is possible at no cost to the customer until the time the order has been executed. Effectuating is usually made by the invoice and shipping documents are created. Cancellation after the order is executed is not possible. You as a customer are in all cases obliged to receive the shipment if we have executed your order. Cancellation of non-stock items that were purchased especially for the customer is not possible after we have ordered the same item from our supplier or programmed this item ourselves. A cancellation is not valid until confirmation of this has been received from us.

Right of Withdrawal

As a private person, according to the Act of Distance Contracts, you have the right to cancel a purchase within 14 calendar days, but at least 7 working days, from receipt. To request the right of withdrawal according to the Act of Distance Contracts, you contact us and we can see if you meet the conditions required to apply the right of withdrawal, and in such cases provide the information we need. The item must be in unused condition and in undamaged original packaging. Returning goods which are returned with reference to the Act of Distance Contracts takes place at the customer’s expense, as the Act of Distance Contracts does not give the customer the right to request reimbursement of costs for transport or other services performed. Item must be returned well packaged according to our recommendations – In the event that the item breaks when it is returned to Hitex, the buyer is responsible.

If goods ordered cannot be used in the way intended, for example incompatibility, or in cases where the right of withdrawal is to be considered forfeited, repurchases are nevertheless approved in certain cases. In such cases, the buyer is responsible for all costs incurred, usually shipping. In such cases, 20% of the merchandise value is withheld to cover costs for handling the return.


According to the Consumer Purchase Act, private individuals have a three (3) year right of complaint regardless of the warranty period that applies to a product. Complaints must be made within a reasonable time from when the fault was discovered. In the event of a complaint after the end of the warranty period, it is the buyer who must demonstrate that the fault complained of already existed at the time of delivery.


We reserve the right to replace the defective item with an equivalent item if an identical item is not available at the time of processing the returned item.


Feel free to email us at hitex@hitex.se if you have any questions. For support or another form of user support of a general nature or in the event of a product fault that cannot be attributed to a warranty or complaint, we primarily refer to the respective manufacturer or service point.


We reserve the right for printing errors, errors in information, and errors in specification, on all articles and services in our assortment. All picture information on our pages should be seen as illustrations, and we also cannot guarantee that the picture reproduces the exact appearance and condition of the item.


In the event of a dispute where the buyer is a private person, it is our policy to always follow the Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden’s (ARN) recommendations. Disputes between two or more companies are usually settled in court.

Force Majeure

In the event of war, natural disaster, industrial action in the labor market, authority’s decision, non-delivery from subcontractors, costly circumstances, as well as a comparable event beyond our control which could not reasonably have been foreseen, and affects entered into agreements and commitments on our part, which means that we cannot keep said agreement/promise, shall form the basis for us being released from our obligations to fulfill said agreement.

Data Loss

We cannot be held responsible for the loss of stored information such as order confirmations and purchase receipts. We therefore urge buyers to always take the necessary backup of all data before installing new hardware, software, or other equipment, and always ensure that vital information on hard drives or other storage media which is sent to us for any kind of action is saved on a suitable medium.