Introducing the HITEX HPR6 Robot

Available in several size options with an intuitive touchscreen control as standard, the HITEX HPR6 robot boasts a versatile tuft unit and adjustable pile heights.

Key Features

High Precision: The HITEX HPR6 tufting robot offers exceptional production speed with six servo motors and the versatile HITEX PRO-tuft unit.

Reliability: Robust construction and minimal wearing parts ensure high technical availability and lower your maintenance costs.

Fault Prevention: Equipped with multiple yarn detection systems, you will minimize stoppages and repairs.

Ease of Use: Design easily and control settings using the specially designed HITEX software, which will give you comprehensive control over tuft lines.

  • Robust construction

  • Dynamic cut loop control

  • Dynamic pile height control

  • Six servo motors

  • Multiple yarn detection

  • Global leader in tufting technology

  • Indepth training and support


Unmatched Versatility

  • Limitless Design Possibilities

Vector-based control allows for different shapes and tufting directions without restrictions.

  • Compatible Materials

Handles various yarns and materials up to approximately 5mm thickness.

  • Global support

We offer training at our factory in Sweden, and fast support in case of problems with spare parts readily available. HITEX robots come with a one-year warranty on your HITEX robot and free software updates as they become available.

Technical specifications

Dimensions: Available in three sizes to suit your production environment:
4x3m, 6x4m, and 9x4m. Custom sizes are also available.
Control: Electric cabinet with a touchscreen interface gives you easy monitoring and control over the design and production process.
Tuft unit: Hitex PRO-tuft v5
Frame: Moveable steel frame including frame holders
Creel: Hitex creel with 6 individual yarn sensors
3D: Dynamic pile height device as standard
Cut loop: Dynamic cut/loop function as standard (excl.the U.S.)
Pile heights: Cut pile: 12-45mm U-tuft, 20-110mm J-tuft
Loop pile: 4-45mm
Software: Hitex Operator
Hitex Tuft CAD
Hitex Data Analyzer (option)
A/C: Cooler for cabinet (option)
Max. output: 4-6 m² per hour, subject to design, density, and material choice.

Space and additional requirements

Tufting area: 4x3m, 6x4m and 9x4m.
Min. space
Length: 9m, 11m, 14m
Width: 4,5m, 4,5m, 4,5m
Height: 5m, 5m, 5m
Electricity Voltage: 400 V AC, 50-60 Hz with neutral (N) and protective earth (PE) connections. Power: 1 kW. Max Fuse Rating: 3×16 A.
Compressed air: Consumption: Approx. 300L/min, minimum working pressure 8 bar.
Recommended Compressor: 600 L/min, 10 bar.

Space and additional requirements

Shearing: Shearing machine, Vacuum system, Pile preparing machine
Backing: Primary backing fabric: we recommend woven polyester 
HITEX 80/80
HITEX HPR6 Robot Tufter
HITEX HPR6 Robot Tufter - Front
HITEX HPR6 Robot Tufter - Detail
HITEX HPR6 Robot Tufter - Tufting Progress

Our operating software solution is expertly designed to meet the unique needs of rug tufting operators, ensuring user-friendly functionality.