Sustainability at the Core - Handtuft artistry

Crafting artistry

Hand tufting is a unique process that elevates ordinary materials into stunning works of art. HITEX started as a hand-tufting business in 1982 and we still occasionally use it and keep spare parts available for hand-tufting today.

With hand-tufting, you can craft intricate patterns and textures, producing your own rugs with depth and character. Each tuft is carefully placed with a tufting gun, and you control every step.

A comprehensive resource for hand tufters

Mastering hand tufting demands more than just skill— it requires access to the finest materials and tools. At HITEX, we understand that every stitch is crucial to achieving excellence. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing hand tufters with top-quality tuft backings, yarn, and everything else necessary to manifest their creative visions.

Explore our collection and embark on your hand tufting journey with confidence, knowing that you have access to the best resources available. Let HITEX empower your creativity and bring your artistic aspirations to fruition, one tuft at a time.

Hand-tufting mastery to tufting automation innovation
Hitex Handtuft Tufting gun

HITEX, pioneering hand-tufting since 1982, offers top-quality materials and tools, empowering artists to create stunning, intricate carpets with confidence.