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Our story

Established in 1982 in Svängsta, southern Sweden, by Jerk Jepson and Lars Runeman, HITEX embarked on a mission to revolutionize the carpet industry through innovation and precision engineering.

Milestones in HITEX’s Journey: Innovations and Global Expansion

With a vision set for a remarkable journey ahead, the company’s first major milestone came in 1985 with a prestigious carpet order from the Swedish government, destined for the Embassy of Sweden in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Concurrently, the development of pioneering tufting robots laid the groundwork for automated manufacturing processes, marking a significant leap forward in the industry.

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Expanding its reach into the maritime sector in 1986, HITEX received its first order for prestige carpets and rugs for cruise ships, further solidifying its reputation for excellence and craftsmanship. The transformative partnership with Swedish company Kinnasand in 1987 propelled HITEX into new realms of design and craftsmanship, merging Swedish precision and design/creativity. Acquired by Kinnasand in 1989, HITEX witnessed a period of growth and innovation under new leadership. In 1991, the development of the groundbreaking tufting robot prototype laid the foundation for future advancements in carpet production technology.

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Reclaiming ownership in 1993, founders Jerk Jepson and Lars Runeman renewed their commitment to innovation and excellence, expanding operational capacity and positioning the company for future growth. A major upgrade to HITEX’s tufting robot in 1997 enhanced efficiency and productivity, setting the stage for its inaugural appearance at Domotex in 2001. Expanding its global footprint with international sales in Turkey in 2002, HITEX continued its international expansion, showcasing cutting-edge technologies at trade fairs worldwide. By 2006, with a significant ownership transition, HITEX consolidated its leadership, paving the way for further strategic decision-making and growth.

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The unveiling of a prototype for its next-generation tufting robot in 2007 marked HITEX’s commitment to innovation and technological advancement, further expanding its presence in North America. Continuing its global expansion strategy, HITEX initiated partnerships in Iran in 2008, introducing advanced tufting solutions to customers worldwide. With breakthrough innovations in dynamic yarn feed control in 2009 and dynamic cut/loop control in 2010, HITEX cemented its position as a trusted partner in the global carpet industry. Securing prestigious orders in 2011 and launching collaborative ventures in specialized market segments, HITEX continued to drive innovation and growth. HITEX’s commitment to excellence and leadership in the tufting machinery market was underscored by its rebranding in 2017, accompanied by the launch of a new website.

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With the introduction of the HPR6.2 in 2018 and groundbreaking advancements in tufting technology in 2019, HITEX continued to push the boundaries of innovation. Marking significant advancements in software and human-machine interface technology in 2020, HITEX’s achievements were celebrated as Lars Runeman was honored as ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’, reaffirming its leadership and impact in the industry. In 2022, HITEX released a maintenance job log, further enhancing its commitment to operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

HITEX has driven innovation in the carpet industry from its first major order in 1985 to global expansions and advanced tufting technologies through 2024.