Sustainability at the core

Thanks to our innovative software and precision tufting robots, we can produce carpets and rugs to your exact specifications, minimizing waste and avoiding unnecessary storage costs.

Sustainable carpets with premium materials

Our process is primarily based on make-to-order production. This approach allows us to avoid creating unnecessary inventory in the value chain and ensures that the products we manufacture have a definite end customer.

We have developed software tools for production planning to minimize the consumption of backing materials, and we continuously work on utilizing small batches of leftover yarns. Whenever possible, we design our rugs to incorporate different dyelots seamlessly.

Sustainability is a priority for us, and we source the finest quality yarns to ensure this. We use 100% New Zealand wool yarn, spun and dyed in Belgium or Sweden, as well as Econyl® regenerated nylon from Aquafil, linen, viscose, mohair, and more.

We never source from suppliers if there are uncertainties regarding pollution from the dyeing process, the work environment, or the quality of the product. Using only quality materials is essential to our mission of reducing our environmental footprint while maintaining the highest standards in our products.

Sustainability at the Core - Handtuft artistry

Yarn textures product examples

HITEX creates sustainable, bespoke carpets and rugs using premium materials, ensuring environmental responsibility and exceptional quality.