Integrated interplay

Carpets are patient and durable mirrors of the times, the arts and our cultures. We walk all over them, but they live on, often even more handsome and proud. We look down on them, in reality proof that we admire them. And as their presence is taken for granted, we do not talk much about them.



Most of the robot tufted carpets from Hitex are unique originals designed by the foremost carpet artists, interior decorators and designers of our times. Some of these carpets are intended to blend into their settings, drawing attention to other furnishings. Others are there to be seen in their own right, to take center stage and create a stir. Regardless of which, all of our carpets & rugs are constantly present and deeply involved in creating the character and feel of their settings.

For these reasons, the actual moment when the backing is stretched for tufting is but the end of a long and demanding road. A carpet begins as a thought, a mental picture, a vision in the designer’s mind and our joint task is to make it real. Lots of sketches, piles of test-dyed yarn and many meetings are needed to create a robot tufted Hitex carpet.

Hitex carpets are primarily intended for official rooms and public spaces. They can be found on cruise ships and passenger ferries in Scandinavia, the Far East and the Americas. Embassies the world over are decorated with Hitex carpets. Residences of presidents and sheikhs, consulates and government buildings, manor houses and palaces are enriched by them. They cover the floors of concert halls, court rooms and banks, as well as those in the offices of multi-national companies, airlines and advertising agencies.


  • Long experience
  • Professional know-how
  • Top quality material
  • Computer-controlled robot