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New design new challenges

The world outside Scandinavia has discovered Hitex carpets, thanks to the attention garnered by several international assignments. That and an increasing interest in artistic decoration has strengthend our position with everyone who appreciates good design and superb quality in public areas and one-of-a-kind settings. In recent years, there has been a strong increase in demand for special carpets for yachts, air-crafts and embassies. This has often meant new and exciting challenges where the requirements for patters, design colour and functionare in line with artistic traditions different from Scandinavian ones. In other words, Hitex is expanding its marketing effort both geographically and culturally, while simultaneously increasing its focus on art and design.

Nearly two decades ago, Svenskt Tenn AB, a design firm, began working with Hitex, primarily to produce hand-tufted carpets following designs by Josef Frank. One of the original reasons for switching to Hitex was price. But over the years, the relationship has grown deeper and the assignments more varied. The interior decorators at Svenskt Tenn are responsible for the design of board rooms and lawyer’s chambers, as well as rooms open to the public- all with new requirements for carpet dsign. “Its more personal with a smaller company” says Barbro Friberg responsible for purchase carpets and textiles for Svenskt Tenn. We ask for special colours and Hitex immediately sends small samples. We discuss the assignments. We know each other. Today we turn to Hitex for more reasons than just price.

The Grand Lobby in the ship Superstar Leo is dominated by a giant, round, hand-tufted carpet made by Hitex. Specially designed by Anders Lund-Rasmussen at Tillberg Design, both its pattern and its colour combinations are highly distinctive.



The five carpets pictured are wall decorations at the Arlanda conference facillites. Design by Tommy Sundberg

“Hitex is efficient and solid” says Tommy Sundberg. “Reliable. Easy to work with. My jobs can often be long and large, but the carpet production is always pressed for time. What’s needed then is a supplier who’s on the ball, who send colour samples by return mail, offers advice and works a little harder to find solutions for problems.”Tommy Sundberg appreciates unbureaucratic collaboration. Many of his carpets are purely artistic decorations with immense personality and a recognizable character. His view is that hand-tufted carpets provide rich, tangible and powerful contributions to settings and he works hard to find solutions to difficulties. “Hitex is really goal-oriented and doesn’t give up before the result is what the plan said it should be,” concludes Tommy Sundberg.

Ulf Agnér at Thomas Ericssons Architecht Office AB designed the conference room facilities at The Absolut Vodka offices in Stockholm. The hand-tufted carpets are central to the setting and Hitex was given the task of making them. Photo: Mikael Damkler.

The lobby in the Hans Brindfors Design office in Stockholm is graced by a Hitex carpet dsigned by Tommy Sundberg. Magnus Mekare installed the carpet and Åke E:son Lindman took the picture.